Vern’s Compost Tea

Beyond fertilization, young plants and those being relocated depend first on healthy root growth. Adding compost tea to soil provides micronutrients, essential beneficial bacteria, and fungi to stimulate root branching and help uptake of water & organics. A healthy root system results in less transplant loss, improved production and generally more robust plants and prolific blooms!

What is it? Vern’s Compost Tea is a premium organic support for your seedlings and transplants, adding microbial nutrients to your soil that promotes and supports root growth. Made from a select mixture of Compost With Me compost, squid and fish products, and Black Soldier fly frass. Blended and aerated for 48hrs prior to sale.

How to use: In the greenhouse and on the farm we feed all the crops weekly with Vern’s tea. We suggest continuing a weekly application during the growing season for optimal plant and root support. Vern’s tea is alive and teaming with a healthy biome. It is brewed, then made available for sale. It should be added to the soil within 2 days of purchase.

Purchasing: You can bring your own refillable gallon or 5 gallon jug (with cap or lid) to Green Dragon Farm during Jenny’s Edibles & Blooms business hours. Cost $10/gallon. We also have sturdy gallon jugs available for purchase at our cost – $6/jug. If you anticipate continuing our practice of weekly feeding, your best bet is to join Vern’s Tea Club.

Vern’s Tea Club! Created for those who would like to maintain our regimen of applying Vern’s Compost Tea in the garden on a weekly basis. Vern’s Tea is great for seedlings, transplants, bareroot soaking, & established gardens. Tea Club cost is $50. Membership includes 6 gallons of fresh brewed compost tea and Vern’s sturdy refillable jug.  You receive 6 gallons for the price of 5 when join the Tea Club. Once you are a tea club member you can just stop by Green Dragon Farm during Jenny’s Edibles and Blooms business hours for a refill.

Questions: For any questions about our tea or the tea club, you can reach out to Vern directly —