Our mission is to provide high quality, organically grown seedlings for your summer vegetable, herb and flower gardens. All seeds are carefully selected for their culinary, botanical and ornamental attributes.

Seeds are hand sown and germinated under grow lights in my kitchen beginning as early as February. When ready, seeds are transplanted and moved to our greenhouses in Falmouth, MA. The seedlings are then available for sale to the public for spring planting – generally the six weekends that straddle memorial day. We will host a series of plant sales and greenhouse openings in late spring. Prices vary by pot size and maturity.

YOUR GARDEN – Need help creating your dream vegetable garden?  We provide:

  • Site consultation and design
  • Spring planting of your garden. We have the crop know how and insight to successfuly blend your herbs and vegetables with flowering annuals to both maximize your harvest and give you a sight to behold.

Please visit the slideshow for more images of one of our designs.

SPECIALTY CUT FLOWERS – Learn more about our Flower Farm and enjoying our local blooms and seasonaly inspired floral designs.