Flower Farm


We operate a small flower-farm in Falmouth, Ma – Agricultural zone 7a. With one minimally-heated hoop house and less than an acre of land in cultivation, we utilize intensive planting methods underpinned by sustainable and organic principles. We strive to enrich our environs, create habitat, and provide local, sustainable floral options for our community. Nutured from seed to bloom, we hope to provide the highest quality seasonal bunches, bouquets, arrangements, events and experiences.

In our own designs, we take our cues from nature. We have the creative freedom to cultivate our own palette, celebrate the uniquess of each cultivar and showcase the personality and beauty of each bloom. The end result is fresh, elegant and artistic. 

Our available florals are different than those offered at our spring Greenhouse sales with a much more extensive list of annuals, perennials, bulbs and woodies. Currently we sell wholesale, retail, and to the wedding industry. We also off retail subscriptions. You can visit our farm shop to see current online offerings. If you are local, looking for our blooms, or are planning an event contact jennysblooms@gmail.com.